May 17, 2021

Benson Hits The Open Sea

Hello Collectors!

It’s been a few years since Benson’s last adventure, but he’s ready to set sail for adventure once again! Get ready for another community-building set, Benson Down The Hatches!


Benson has found himself wrapped up with a pirate crew. Being a lowly Scallywag, he doesn’t have much pull with the more seasoned pirates. In order to prove himself as a true Buccaneer, he needs to find himself some treasure! Of course, one doesn’t just come upon treasure, it must be discovered by uncovering clues. Can you help Scallywag Benson on his quest?

Gameplay Specifics

  • Scallywag Benson has begun his adventure at The Pink Transcendental Cloud.
  • Trade Scallywag Benson with others as clues become available in order to uncover new clues.
  • When Scallywag Benson follows clues to new locations, the next clue will become available within 72 hours.
  • Scallywag Benson’s appearance will change when the next clue has been found.
  • Leave Scallywag Benson at the new location until his appearance changes, indicating his search for clues was successful.
    • Removing him too soon could mean a longer wait to uncover the next clue.
  • Scallywag Benson needs to always be on the move. His crew-mates aboard the Flying Dutchman will pick him up if he:
    • Gets stuck in someone’s Pouch for 2 days.
    • Stays at a location for longer than a week.
  • Scallywag Benson would love to meet as many people as possible, so please share him with others. Just be sure his side-quests don’t interrupt his chance to become a real pirate!
  • Scallywag Benson cannot be locked, sold, recycled, or saved to set.

Due to the nature of real world events and how this set releases items, new items may be available very quickly, or take a while to become available. GPS spoofing will be taken very seriously, so don’t do it. This set will be available to complete without any real world traveling required. Scallywag Benson #1 will hold the memory of his travels.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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May 11, 2021

WallaBee NFT

Hello Collectors,

Today is an exciting day in WallaBee history, but not as exciting as May 20th will be! WallaBee is extending our reach to other collecting communities online by releasing some limited NFTs on!

What are NFTs? We’ll get to that in a moment, but if you’re unfamiliar with the term, they’re digital collectibles that belong to YOU!

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. These tokens authenticate the legitimacy of collectibles that cannot be verified in other ways. NFTs can be artwork, mp3s, video clips, etc. They get saved to a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, so you can keep track of them and keep them safe. In order to view your NFT collection, just connect your crypto wallet to an NFT marketplace like!

NFTs can be given, purchased, sold, or auctioned on various platforms, but we’re deciding to sell 100 special edition versions of WallaFigs on Each NFT has unlockable content for a free Build-A-Unique in-game item in WallaBee. Players will have normal BAU distribution rights, with the exception of a max distribution of 100.

You don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity to get a WallaBee NFT!
To ensure you’re prepared, we have outlined some details so you will be ready.

  • Release Date: May 20th, 2021 @ 20:00:00 UTC
  • All NFTs will be sold at 0.01 ETH
  • Create an account on OpenSea (requires a crypto wallet, like MetaMask)
  • Ensure your crypto wallet has ETH (transfer from another wallet or from a bank/credit card)
  • Have enough for the NFT + Gas Fees (Moving NFTs on the blockchain takes Gas Fees)
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February 11, 2021

WallaBee is (almost) 9!

Hello Collectors,

Can you believe it? We’re almost a decade old! Time to kick things into high gear with some celebrating!

This weekend kicks off Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and our 9th birthday on the 16th! Here are some fun things we’re doing to highlight these occasions.

  • Year 1 items in Retrobee store.
    • 00:01 UTC Friday 12th – 23:59 UTC Thursday 18th.
  • Friday – Saturday enjoy double prestige xp on items from the Chinese New Year set.
    • 00:01 UTC Friday 12th – 23:59 UTC Saturday 13th.
  • Sunday – Monday enjoy double prestige xp on items from the Be My Valentine set.
    • 00:01 UTC Sunday 14th – 23:59 UTC Monday 15th.
  • Tuesday – Thursday enjoy double prestige xp on items from the Birthday Baking set.
    • 00:01 UTC Tuesday 16th – 23:59 UTC Thursday 18th.

Of course, we have drops scheduled throughout this time, so be sure to watch the store for new goodies!

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January 20, 2021

3.1 Release Notes

Hello Collectors!

WallaBee’s update with Prestige Items and Saving Variants is now rolling out on iOS and Android! Her are some quick notes to read through while you wait for the update to reach your app store of choice.

Prestige Items

With over 26 million items floating around the world of WallaBee, there’s always plenty of items to collect. While you may have already completed all of your sets, you may be struggling with what to do next. Prestige Items offer a great way to continue hunting down the items you know and love, for a whole new experience!

Creating Prestige Items

There are two different ways to create Prestige Items. Collectibles (Wallagraphics, Exclusives, Uniques) cannot be made into Prestige Items.

  1. Use Royal Jellies (RJ) by selecting the Prestige button while looking at an item.
  2. Mix the new Prestige-O-Matic item with the item you want to prestige.
    • The Prestige-O-Matic can also be used to turn a Prestige Item into a normal item. This will remove all levels earned with your Prestige Item!

Leveling System

  • Mix normal copies of the same item with your Prestige Item to build up its level.
    • Edit: Copies need to be over #5,000 to build up a Prestige Item.
  • Levels begin at 1 and climb to 100, with 5 total tiers of rarity along the way.
  • Each rarity tier has a different requirement of required copies mixed before a new level is achieved.
  • Prestige Levels can be swapped between two Prestige Items of the same type by mixing them together.

Prestige Sets

If each item within a given set is a Prestige Item, the set will gain a bejeweled frame indicating the lowest common rarity tier achieved.

Saving Variants

  • Collections can now hold multiple of the same item type by saving a variant you don’t already have in your collection.
  • When two or more variants are saved in your set, you can highlight which shows within your set by ensuring the eye icon is toggled on from the Item View.
  • Attempting to save a variant you already have saved will prompt a swap option.
  • Exceptions to saving all variant types include, but may not be limited to: Butterflies.

Other Notable Adjustments

Maintenance Mode

WallaBee sometimes has issues or updates that require the game to stop running like normal. We have now added a Maintenance Mode that will not allow you access to the game and give you a helpful reason as to why.

Item History

Visual changes have been made to the Item History view. An item’s history will now slide up to view instead of taking another full page. This was intended to release with 3.0, but missed the deadline. You can slide this screen down or tap out of it to view the item again.

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January 8, 2021

App Of The Day Spotlight and Updates

Hello Collectors,

Happy New Year! We hope you had a restful end of 2020 and a great start to 2021! The WallaBee team is bzzzzzy as can bee, ready for this next app update to come out soon! Here’s a quick update on what’s going on in the hive.

App Of The Day Spotlight

Our friends over at App Of The Day reached out to us about featuring WallaBee as a mobile game they’re excited about. We really appreciate what they had to write about the game and recommend you take some time to go check them out. Who knows, maybe you’ll find another app you love on their site!

The interview that Robbie had with them can be found here.

Version 3.1

Our Fall update is turning into a Winter update, with a tentative release after a quick QoL improvement is made. Our goal is to have it ready this month, but as with all things, those plans can change. Regardless, we are really excited about getting this Variant-Saving and Prestige Items update out to the community and want to make sure it’s done right. Here are some teaser images from the next update. Expanded information on these features will be available at release.

You can find previous updates about 3.1 here.

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November 24, 2020

2020 Black Friday

Hello Collectors,

That time of year has come! In the States, this is when we usually gather up the whole family, pig-out on delicious food, and say what we’re thankful for… followed immediately by buying more stuff. This year, we are highlighting the crazy antics of this time of year with a new (24ish hour) set, some online sales, and new functionality with some miniature boxes you may have laying around.

Online Sale

We can all agree that 2020 has been pretty not good, but there’s good news! It’s almost over! Enjoy a 20% discount on virtual items from the online store through December 3rd, 11:00 CST / 17:00 UTC.

Royal Jelly Store

Some temporary bundles will be available in the Royal Jelly store.

  • Mixer Sale Bundle| Limit 4 | 400 200 RJ
    • 20 Mixers
  • OMG Mixer Bundle | Limit 1 | 400 100 RJ
    • 20 Mixers
  • Black Friday Bundle | Limit 1 | 400 RJ
    • 2 Mystery Boxes (Black Friday variant)
    • 2 Striped Chests (16hr)
    • 2 Chest Keys

Unique Discounts

Starting now, all commissions will be discounted by 20% if submitted and paid for by the end of 2020. All work on these discounted commissions will begin in January 2021. If you currently have a Unique Commission in the queue that you would like to receive this discount on, you can email support and request that change. If you would like a Unique finished before the end of the year, it will be the full price. All Unique Commissions are handled by invoice, where your discount will be applied.

Learn more about commissioning Uniques.


New Set: Surviving Black Friday is a parody on the typical shopping experience at big-box retailers. This set will begin on Thursday and end on Friday. Be sure to stock up on honeycombs for this set!

Mini/er/est Mystery Boxes: Blue has been available for some time, but has not had any functionality. We wanted this item to have something unique, but didn’t know what… until now. Blue Mystery Boxes will NOW have access to a special new Uniquepool of items, supplied by the community. Black will release at some point on Cyber Monday, allowing for direct access to the Mixerpool. If either the Mixerpool or Uniquepool is empty, a message will appear indicating so, leaving the box in your pouch.

  • Miniest: Any numbered item.
  • Minier: Sub 10k numbered item.
  • Mini: Sub 1k numbered item.

Uniquepool: This new aspect of the game will contain any items placed there by Unique owners. To add an item to the Uniquepool, owners can gift a new item directly to the Uniquepool by gifting it to “Uniquepool” without quotes. To add a Unique that has already been created, simply mix it with a WallaBee Mixer and it will be added, leaving your WallaBee Mixer in your pouch.

Itembrowser has added a new tool so you can browse which items are available in the Uniquepool.

Mixerpool: Previously allowing anything to come out of it, including Player-owned Uniques, the Mixerpool will only contain game-issued items from collections and exclusive items, including those from limbo.

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October 21, 2020

Performance Adjustments Incoming!

Hello Collectors,

We wanted to give notice that we will be performing some updates today around 14:00 CDT (19:00 UTC) that will change how we handle items in a player’s pouch. All items in a player’s pouch rely on an ordering system to keep items in their place. The current process for maintaining this order is a bit messy and cleaning it up may help overall app performance (especially during a drop, when pouches are a main focus). Although we expect this update to be smooth to implement, we do foresee the order of items in your pouch to readjust themselves as a one-time side effect to this update. Please note that you may return to a new ordering of items in your pouch around the time of the update. Once we’re sure the update is working the way it should, we will announce the “all clear” through Twitter.

Thank you for your patience.

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October 16, 2020

Hive Chest (Re)Rebalancing

Hello Collectors!

The following changes have been made to Hive Chests. Please take note of these changes as they are now active in the game. In addition to these changes, a new variant of the Mystery Box to celebrate fall is now available through Painted Chests for a limited time!

Wooden Chests | (2 hour)

  • Honeycombs (100-500hc)
  • Exclusive Items
  • Bronze Mixer
  • Locks (5-10)
  • A chance to pull from mixer pool (50% Odds no 5D items from pool).

Lightning Chests | (8 hour)

  • Honeycombs (500-1000hc)
  • Silver Mixer
  • Golden Mixer
  • Bronze Mini Mystery Box
  • Silver Mini Mystery Box
  • Gold Mini Mystery Box
  • Locks (10-15)
  • A chance to pull from mixer pool (75% Odds no 5D items from pool).

Painted Chests | (16 hour)

  • Honeycombs (1000-2000hc)
  • Royal Jellies (25-40)
  • Box O’Locks
  • Mystery Box (Fall Colors)
  • A chance to pull from mixer pool (100% Odds no 5D items from pool).
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October 6, 2020

Gameplay Balancing

Hello Collectors,

Back when Covid-19 began, we made some adjustments to the game to help encourage the ability to play more from the safety of your home. As restrictions fluctuate between countries and smaller forms of government, we are planning on adjusting the following aspects of WallaBee back to normal. With these changes, we’re also going to make some additional updates to gameplay that we wanted to make you aware of. These changes will occur on October 8th, 17:00 UTC.

  • The doubled radius for interacting with places will return to normal.
  • Increased honeycombs found foraging when fewer places are nearby.
  • Club locations will be removed until the next competition.
  • Hive Chest contents will be changed to have a wider range of rewards.
  • Opening Hive Chests will be limited to one (1) at a time.
  • Different items will be available through foraging.
  • Midas Touch => Golden Mixer recipe will return for a limited time.

We hope to add additional changes that didn’t quite make this list before the next update comes. Standby as we continue to make sure balancing adjustments.

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September 15, 2020

Saving Variants and Prestige Items Coming This Fall

Hello Collectors!

We are excited to announce that our fall update will consist of the much-requested ability to save multiple variants of a single item, along with a new game mechanic: Prestige Items. Ever since Ben (WallaBee Founder) teased the idea of variants, the community has wanted to save them alongside the other items in their set… but how should that look? WallaBee Staff has been thinking about design and architecture changes necessary for this heavily-desired feature to become reality over the past few years and have made various changes to the user interface to accommodate saving variants. These features are still being created as we speak, but we are very excited to share some information with you now, to help better prepare you for the update.

Saving Variants

Let’s use the Keyring item as an example. Pretend you have a Green-haired keyring saved to your set. After this update, you will be able to save the other four colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, and White. Trying to save the same variant color that you already have saved will prompt a Swap Item popup, similar to how it currently works. Within your set, you will see the Green-haired keyring highlighted at the Set View level, along with the other items within The Arcade set. Tapping on the Keyring will allow you to view the item like normal, but will also allow you to scroll horizontally between all of your saved variants. You will have the option to highlight a different variant in your set by scrolling to the variant you would like to highlight and selecting it with a special button. You can remove any variant from your set at any time, just like other items, allowing you to trade them away as you wish.

Not final design. For illustration only. Subject to change.

Prestige Items

Have you completed all of your sets? Are you looking for something else to do with items instead of endlessly feeding Wishing Wells? Don’t you wish you could highlight your hard work in another way? Well, now you can! Prestige Items offer a new way to play WallaBee between new item releases, without the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out).

So what are Prestige Items, anyway? We’re glad you asked! Prestige Items are an advanced option to continue your collection past just filling up a set and lower item numbers. Prestige Items can be created from already existing items, keeping their number intact, and will add a level and rarity to them. Upon becoming a Prestige Item, it will gain a new appearance, including a Level 1 title and an Uncommon rarity. Prestige levels can be increased by gaining XP from mixing other items of the same type with the Prestige Item, up to a maximum level of 100. The required XP to level up an item varies depending on which rarity it is. There are 5 rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and (we’re keeping this a surprise).

Any set item can be changed into a Prestige Item by mixing it with an ‘enabler’ item or by spending Royal Jellies. Once an item becomes a Prestige Item, it will take on the above attributes of a Prestige Item and lose the ability to be mixed with anything else (i.e. a prestige blue egg cannot be mixed with a yellow egg to create a green egg). Prestige Items will be blocked from being sold in the market or from being recycled. This new feature will not work with any Collectibles (Exclusives, Uniques, Wallagraphics, etc.), but will work with all set items. Items made into Prestige Items will no longer have special mixes (i.e. Wishing Well, Job Lot, Perfume, Aftershave, etc.). Similarly to Prestige Items getting a visual upgrade, completed sets will showcase your efforts once all saved items are Prestige Items.


  • I have been leveling up a Prestige #5112 Bearded Lady and just traded for a #900 Bearded Lady! Can I transfer my progress from the #5112 to the #900?
    • Yes, but it first requires changing the #900 Bearded Lady into a Prestige Item. Once it is a Prestige Item, you can mix both items together to swap Prestige Levels.
  • I don’t have any Royal Jellies. Can I still prestige an item?
    • Yes! There will be a special ‘enabler’ item released that will allow you to convert a normal item into a Prestige Item. This ‘enabler’ item will be available through multiple means, including the Item Stores.
  • Will this be another mix chain feature like “Texas Music Legends” or “Heart Series”?
    • No, this is completely new. The required number of items (XP) needed to increase a Prestige Item’s level changes depending on which rarity it is, so it will never get exponential. With over 4,000 different set items, we want this feature to be a fun, casual addition to the game, instead of very ‘grindy.’
  • You mentioned that Prestige Items will no longer have special mixes. Does this mean my Perfume can’t become a Prestige Item?
    • Your Perfume can become a Prestige Item, but it will not work as a normal Perfume anymore. Anything made into a Prestige Item loses normal mixing behaviors. I.E. A normal Wishing Well mixed with a Prestige Wishing Well will destroy the normal Wishing Well and add that XP to the Prestige Wishing Well.


As if the above isn’t enough to be excited about, we would like to formally announce that David McCabe (Mizak) will be stepping into a larger role with the WallaBee team as a new staff member, starting now! David has helped on-and-off with our website since the switch over to V2 in 2016, helped test various features we’ve released as part of a test team of players, and more recently has been helping with backend improvements and bug fixes. David’s abilities with backend code and knowledge of the game are very helpful resources to our team, which we look forward to furthering in his new role as staff. Stay tuned as more WallaBee development becomes available.

Quick Bio

Mizak has been playing WallaBee since the beginning, gathering up as many lower numbered items he could, but that chapter of his playing style is coming to an end. He will no longer be participating in item releases in the typical sense moving forward, as his staff title will allow him information that is not readily available to other players. Mizak will keep his previous sets intact, continuing to trade for lower items, but will begin collecting a higher number moving forward, beginning with the Soapbox Derby set. More information on his new trading procedures can be found in his bio.

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